1. My residence is outside of Montreal. Can I still participate in the tournament?

We’re a welcoming bunch! We say “the more, the merrier”! We suggest your find a friend/family member/colleague who lives in one of Montreal’s 19 boroughs and wants to be your team’s captain. Together, we’re sure you’ll form a swell team!

2. How much does the registration cost ?

It’s absolutely free ! This said, we will still need a $150 deposit from your team for attendance purposes. This amount will be reimbursed when you’ve arrived at the end of your tournament’s run (win or loose). Deposits that have not been claimed at the end of the event’s weekend will be considered as donations to one of the following charities: the Canadiens Children Foundation or Evenko Foundation.

3. How will the tournament work ?

The Classique will greet close to a hundred teams divided in four different categories: Die-hard, Recreational, 50 and over and Ladies. Teams will play a minimum of two games on the Saturday. We chose a double-elimination format, with playoff rounds being played on the Sunday.

4. How long are the games?

Games will last 30 continuous minutes, divided in two, 14-minute periods separated by a two-minute break. FYI, time flies and it is a fast-paced game! Enjoy.

Reminder: it’s 4 on 4 hockey, no goalies!

5. What will happen if Mother Nature is not on our side (rain, warm spell, etc.)?

Of course, we will be glued to the weather forecast prior to the event, but if conditions are not deemed suitable, the tournament will be pushed forward to the next weekend. All teams will be informed of such a decision through our website and social network platforms (Facebook, Twitter). But let’s keep our fingers crossed! The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bona fide Québecois winter—better yet, a real Montreal winter!

6. Will there be other activities surrounding the tournament?

You bet ! We want this to be a true family winterfest ! There will be free skating, shows, music, animation, food and drink kiosks, etc.
For more info, check out our Activities Schedule page in the coming weeks.

7. We want to register in the Recreational category with our wifes—can this be done?

No problem. Mixed hockey is just as fun ! Actually, only the Ladies category is solely reserved for a specific gender.

8. How do we get to the tournament?

The best way to go is with the subway. You just have to get off at the Jean-Drapeau metro station (Yellow line), which exits on Île Ste-Hélène. From there, a shuttle service is set up to drive you and your teammates to the Olympic Basin on Île Notre-Dame, the venue for the Classique. If you prefer, you can make the ten-minute walk to warm up your spirits for your first game!

Alternatively, you can opt to take your own car. Parking areas abound at Parc Jean-Drapeau (http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/en/parking/). P1 and P2 zones are closest to the Olympic Basin.

Otherwise, this brief reminder :

Make sure to be warmly dressed-and bring a change of clothes: baselayer, socks, earband/muffs, gloves and liner gloves, mitts, etc.

Don’t forget your helmet! It’s mandatory-and for your security.

We do not have access to locker facilities. Plan accordingly (we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen property).

You will be able to buy and consume beer (moderatley!) on the premises. We thank you for NOT bringing your own alcoholic beverages.

Physical or verbal abuse toward the organizers, employees or anyone else will not be tolerated. Remember: those persons are working hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible—so smile!
We’re expecting of all participants to do the same with the other players. Respect and sportsmanship are the name of the game at the Classique.

Environmental concern should also be a no-brainer. Let’s not litter and instead, make good use of the many trash bins.

Don’t forget! The main objective of the event is to play outside and have fun!

Finally, let’s keep in mind that Mother Nature always has her say in these kinds of events. If the weather is not on our side or if the ice is not the way we hope for safe playing, the tournament and activities will be rescheduled for the following weekend.

Rules [pdf 228kb]

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